Metal Fabrication in New York City

Hammersmith Metal has provided its renowned custom metal work services throughout Manhattan for over 50 years. Our metal fabricators specialize in delivering innovative solutions that are tailored to meet the demands of each unique space. From private rooftops to the NYC Highline, we've worked on distinguished projects throughout the city.

NYC Metal Fabricators

Restore, Refurbish & Reclaim
NYC Highline

Preserving New York City's Metal Heritage

At Hammersmith Metal, we strive to deliver innovative metal fabrication that expands beyond traditional metalwork solutions. This sentiment has allowed us to preserve New York City's rich metal heritage in stunningly unique ways. We've reimagined Manhattan's urban landscape and architecture while safeguarding its original charm. Even more, our use of locally sourced materials enables us to replicate the city's charm and original iron works. Our custom metal work include: copper, aluminum, corten, zinc, ipe, teak, black walnut, steel fabrication, and stainless steel fabrication.

History in NYC

Hammersmith Metal Fabricators has transformed the urban landscape throughout New York City. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail have allowed us to tailor our services to each individual project. As a result, we've created a variety of metalworks that perfectly emulate the diversity of the great city. Our talented metal fabricators have worked on notable structures for private and public spaces alike. Here's some of our fabrication work...

New York City Projects

Corten Planter

Corten Planter
NYC High Line

Living Wall

Ipe Benches, Mesh Fencing, Aluminum Light Fixtures
NYC High Line

Curved Iron Park Benches & Fencing

Radiused Iron Park River Benches & Fencing
Astor Place

Patina Oiled Door and Bronze Molding, Lighting Restoration (Period Brass Restoration)

Patina Oiled Door and Bronze Molding, Lighting Restoration (Period Brass Restoration)
Cartier (5th Ave), NYC

The Landscape Architects and Contractors Full Service Metal Shop

At Hammersmith, we pride ourselves on delivering a single, cohesive service. By offering every service in a single metal fabrication shop, we ensure that superior results are achieved each step of the way. Our metal fabricators begin with the conceptualization of the project. Whether you have an existing blueprint or a blank slate, we'll generate a CAD drawing and determine the materials necessary for your project. Our metal work service also encompasses the sourcing of local materials and finishes. From conception to production, the our custom metal fabrication will surpass your expectations of design and innovation. A full list of our services includes: CAD drawing, metal casting, refurbishing, restoration, galvanization, and powder coating.

Why Chose Hammersmith Metal?

Here's why architects and contractors throughout NYC hire Hammersmith for their important metal fabrication projects...

Have a metal fabrication project in NYC?

From large functional structures to ornamental iron works, Hammersmith Metal Fabricators is equipped with the knowledge and experience to execute the job. Our work throughout NYC demonstrates our commitment to delivering stunning results that exceed your expectations. This sentiment sets us apart from other metal fabrication companies. If you're in need of a metal fabrication service, our stainless steel fabricators would love to speak with you. Give us a call today at 917-865-8791 or email.